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Our class is the only 4 hour class in the area that teaches students both the Florida Concealed Weapons Class and a Basic Pistol Shooting Course together. Students will learn safety, grip, stance and the proper way to shoot revolvers and or semi-automatic pistols. Towards the end of class, all students will take a Basics of Pistol Shooting Exam and be able to confidently demonstrate proper basic shooting techniques on the range.

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Additionally, you will receive detailed training where you will actually learn marksmanship skills and how to use your firearm properly. This training far exceeds the "basic" training provided by most other concealed carry weapons classes.

Upon completing the basic pistol course, including range time and passing the written exam, you will then receive the required certificate for your CCW license. This class exceeds the minimum Florida CCW requirements and the certificate can be used as proof of training for your state application.

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