Mr. Stan D. Perkins
Instructor - #182027223

Stans BIO:

Stan grew up in South Louisiana and had always been an avid hunter and shooter since he was 5 years old.  When Stan was old enough, he joined the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office and excelled though the Department.  Stan was lucky to have held several positions and transferred to other Divisions throughout the Sheriff's office such as; Corrections, Patrol, Marine, and Detective/Narcotics.

Stan once served on the Sheriff's pistol team and traveled throughout the State competing against other departments and military personal and quickly advanced to the Expert Rating then eventually to Master.  Currently, he is training to become a Close Quarter Combat and Tactical Firearms Instructor, ( Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun)


Other training and experiences consisted of:

Private Pilot, Vehicle Rescue, Marine Rescue, Street Survival Courses, Advance Covert and Technical Surveillance, Regional Counter-Drug Training Academy, Several Pistol Competition Awards and Various Letters of Accommodation.  Stan also served with U.S. Customs, Louisiana State Police and the FBI in several joint ventures.

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